Screen Media

PVR Cinema

India’s one of The Fastest Growing Economy is The Entertainment Industry. Nowadays People are Driving Themselves Towards Larger than Life Experiences.

Targeting the footfall of the audience’s in a cinema screen through visual impact is an inventive way to captivate the composed minds and eventually, engaging them towards the brand. Moreover, people opting for PVR aren’t willing to compromise and leading certain lifestyle, resulting brands to observe their target audience and establishing a scope of engagement, on point. We provide branding and marketing opportunities in PAN India locations and offer a wide range of PVR Cinema Screen Segments to help and register the brands in the mind of the target audience far and wide.


We See Great Potential in LCD Screens for Displaying the Brand’s Messages.

We display unique features to grab eyeballs and inform potential buyers about the brand’s approach and its individuality. As it is a transparent medium, it creates an opportunity for brands to be more interactive and effective when it comes to marketing. With the screens becoming more digital and visually active it will be effective for potential customers passing by, demonstrating what the brands have in store for them.

With the latest technology of Artificial Intelligence integrated LCD Screens, it creates curiosity and demand for customers to look at it and register the same for quite a long period of time.