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About Us


“Your Market Growth Partner”

We’re a dynamic and focused Marketing and Sales service provider offering the highest standards of Sales-outsourcing and Marketing Consultancy for Brand development. We at Dbase4Media Group constantly expand with right connects. Our primary objective is to connect people with right services far and wide. With the initiative, we see a great futuristic growth via the interactive mediums and eventually targeted it as our paramount marketing source. With a plethora of technologies coming up with significant changes and improvement, screens have made the top-most place in our consideration. With the advent of the internet, screens give leverage for customers to watch what they want, when they want and how they want. The screen viewing experience has changed enormously and despite that, the dynamic creatives eventually grab a lot of eyeballs. Creative Proposition has always been the prime perspective of Dbase4Media Group and we’re continuously endeavouring to provide a satisfying experience to our clients. We’re dedicated to providing the best technical expertise via complete Brand audit specially for Sales & Marketing  to improve the quality customer engagement and leverage the marketing and sales of a brand in today’s competitive marketplace. Our broad industry expertise of diverse skill-set and understanding to achieve exponential growth, in a myriad of distinct visionary fields, allows us to develop and execute tasks that successfully assist our clients in achieving their business goals.

Our Values

We believe in making a difference. 

With integrity and professionalism, we embrace our responsibility to co-create a space where every individual can flourish by achieving the highest standards of quality and deliver diversity in the respective arenas.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be always considered first as a Marketing and Sales partner for all the goal-driven businesses.

Our Mission

Each passing day, we want to evolve and execute creative ideas to eventually help our clients succeed along with the highest professional standards.

We Believe

Our intellection is combined with the professional approach and commitment. We believe to extend our skills and ideas to businesses across the board irrespective of their prominence.

“We select our clients on perspective and not size”.

Our Culture

We’re made up of a team of cutting-edge, innovative and enthusiastic professionals who strive to build the persistent and loyal connection with our motivated clients. We work within our permissive culture to ensure that we serve our clients with integrity, depicting our prudent ethos.


The secret to success isn’t just about our services; it’s also about working with the right people.

Sudhanshu Srivastava

Sudhanshu Srivastava

Founder Director

He possesses a Grassroot Marketing Experience of more than 17 years and then gradually turned in to a Strategic Business Leader with his Entrepreneurial Understanding and Business know-how. Inevitably a Professional Game-changer, constantly trying to make advancement in the International Industry standards and scrutinize the company’s proximity single headedly.

Nidhi Srivastava

Nidhi Srivastava


Since the inception of the company from 2006, She has thoroughly in-lined and established the human resource strategy system and constantly keeps a check on company affairs. She is the major figurehead and key-decision maker of the organisation, typically overseeing and managing all the functions in human resource and administration department.

Rajesh Kr. Mishra

Rajesh Kr. Mishra


A veteran of Dbase4media Group and finance industry, he heads financial planning, budgeting, cash management, investor relations, corporate functions and fiscal management policies of the Company.  He is also responsible for setting the overall strategic direction, long term planning and growth strategy for the company.

Suman Singh

Suman Singh

General Manager - Coordination

She comes with over 15 years of experience and presently drives day to day business operations and data analytics for improved overall business metrics. Her primary focus at Dbase4Media Group revolves around account management and Coordination. Her experience and careful monitoring to details make her contribution a core part of the management team.

Poorvi Kapoor

Poorvi Kapoor

General Manager - HR

She is an alumna of IIPM, withholding 9+ years of well-rounded experience in various dimensions of HR and is truly a professional pensive who seeks out the efficiencies in every Individual. Highly energetic and persuasive with her work model. She has previously held senior managerial positions with companies like i-Process Services and Jindal Poly Films.

Tinni Mishra

Tinni Mishra

PR Manager & Content Editor

After a stint of four years in Engineering, Tinni is now following her passion for writing and has settled for the best. Blessed with a creative flair, she has an impeccable passion for creativity. She specializes in writing feature articles, blog posts, and web content with a strong research background along with handling the brand reputation of the company, parallelly.

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